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679 : WINTERHALTER, HERMANN. Damenporträt. Öl auf Lwd.
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1808 St-Blasien - 1891 Karlsruhe
Öl auf Lwd. Unsigniert.
Restauriert, beschädigt, Craquelé. 65 x 55 cm. Rahmen.
Diese Gemälde ist unter Nr. 147 im Online Werkverzeichnis von Dr. Eugene Barilo von Reisberg aufgeführt (URL: https://franzxaverwinterhalter.wordpress.com/works-by-hermann-winterhalter-1808-1891/).Anbei Gutachten in Abschrift Prof. Dr. B. Griebert, Ittendorf, 10. Januar 1948: damals noch Franz Xaver Winterhalter zugeschrieben.Wie danken Dr. Eugene Barilo von Reisberg für folgende freundliche Auskünfte:"According to my research, the portrait remained in the collection of the artist until his death in 1891. It is recorded in the inventory of the estate of the artist under no. 26 as 'Studie, von Hermann Winterhalter'. All paintings which were in the estate of the artist were divided among the descendants of Hermann's two sisters [...].The painting shows a lady, in just over a shoulder-length format, in a sharp turn to the left, with her head turned forward to face the viewer almost enface. Her hair is parted in the middle, and descends loosely around her face, falling at the rear below her neck. With her left hand, she is supporting a white gauze wrap, which covers her shoulder and upper arm; a brown cloak with pink lining appears to be thrown over her folded left arm and the right shoulder. She appears to be wearing no jewellery other than a small, gold and gem-set earring.Like so many of Hermann Winterhalter’s studies, the portrait conveys a feeling of informality and intimacy. The hair is dressed loosely; there are no identifiable garments apart from loose drapes thrown over the woman’s arms and shoulders. The abstracted, indeterminate background of darker tonalities reinforce the sensual intimacy conveyed by the direct gaze of the heavy-lidded eyes.Stylistically, the portrait belongs to the 1850s when Hermann had worked alongside his brother in Paris. The identity of the sitter is unknown. Given the provenance of the portrait as having remained in Hermann’s collection until his death, this painting, like so many other works which had remained in Hermann’s estate, may depict one of the many models with whom the brothers may have worked during their Parisian period."
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